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Healthy Weight Loss with healthy & active
healthy & active  enables you to reach your desired weight without going hungry or using expensive products
Anyone who has been on a diet knows that at  first it seems to work, the pounds are shed, but then it becomes increasingly difficult to stay trim. What is going wrong?

With new diets appearing on the market daily, why are 65% of all Canadian men between the ages of 20 and 64 and 52% of Canadian women still suffering with weight issues? With so many diet options to choose from, why is it that more than 50% of our adult population can not win the diet war?

The answer is . . . You can only achieve your ideal weight and maintain it when you make a long-term nutritional adjustment that is tailor made for your specific metabolism.

No more counting calories, medications and expensive diet products

The personal nutrition plan created by healthy & active the Metabolism Program, is a scientifically proven method to help you lose weight and keep it off while optimizing your metabolism.

The program can be offered only by specially-trained healthcare practitioners (naturopaths and medical doctors), who will monitor your progress on a regular basis.

Following an extensive metabolic analysis (using results from 40 different blood values), and involving the blood group and data concerning eating habits and personal health, your own individual nutritional plan (one that  optimizes your metabolism), will be created by Dr. Drobot.

Your personal nutritional plan

Your CCNM doctor will guide you and provide support throughout the various levels of your unique healthy & active Metabolism Program, and as your plan is tailor-made for you, it must not be passed on to friends and family.

The preparation phase takes two days and gently helps the body prepare for the coming metabolism adjustment.

During the phase of the actual metabolic adjustment (phase 2) which takes at least four weeks, the body will begin to adjust to the new nutritional regimen. Old eating habits, often consisting of foods that have been blocking your metabolism, will be replaced with new foods that will boost your metabolism.

During the stabilizing phase (phase 3) your adjusted metabolism is further strengthened leading to a happier, healthier life.

To learn more about Metabolic Typing see: Metabolic Nutrition

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