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Amalgam Filling Replacement & Detox Program


Silver/Amalgam Mercury Filling

If you have, or have ever had mercury amalgam (silver) fillings, you are mercury toxic to some degree.

Mercury is extremely toxic because it damages a spectrum of biological systems and because it is difficult to remove from body tissues. (See: Mercury related health conditions)

A critical step in achieving optimal health is to participate in the safe and effective amalgam filling replacement and mercury detoxification program (ARDP) offered through Health First Dental and the Calgary Centre for Naturopathic Medicine.

"Mercury amalgams are as close as you can get to the centre of the illness universe, and their use in dentistry has set us up for most of the health problems we see today."

- Bruce Shelton, M.D., M.D.(H), Di.Hom.

Dental amalgams, commonly known as silver fillings, are the largest source of mercury in the general population. Each filling contains up to 50% mercury, 30% silver, and the remaining 20% consisting of copper, tin and zinc. The average amalgam filling contains close to one gram of mercury. To put this into perspective, that is enough mercury to contaminate a 5 acre lake and declare it unsuitable for drinking and fishing according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Small amounts of mercury are continuously released from these fillings and absorbed in the body. Once mercury binds to organs and tissues in the body there can be cell death or irreversible chemical damage that impairs the function of vital organs.

Mercury from amalgam fillings has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), infertility, neurological disorders, immunological suppression, kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease.

The harmful accumulation of mercury from amalgam fillings can remain present in the body for decades after the fillings have been removed.

How Does the ADRP Work?

Step 1: Your amalgam fillings are removed and replaced by Health First Dental

Health First Dental has the competency and training to safely remove your amalgams without exposing you to high concentrations of mercury. As they practice only “Biological Dentistry”, each amalgam they remove will then be replaced with the biocompatible and highly esthetic alternative of your choice.

Alternative Fillings


A biological dentist appreciates that the diseases and materials in your mouth can have lasting, negative affects on other systems in your body.

Given that the objective is to halt any further exposure to mercury, we recommend that you replace all of your amalgam fillings over the shortest time frame possible.

Step 2: You are tested to determine the degree of toxic metal exposure.

The toxic / heavy metal testing and detoxification protocols (treatments) will be carried out by the doctors at CCNM.

Analysis of the levels of toxic metals in urine after the administration of a metal detoxification agent is an objective way to evaluate the accumulation of toxic metals. Acute metal poisoning is rare. More common, however, is a chronic, low-level exposure to toxic metals that can result in significant retention in the body that can be associated with a vast array of adverse health effects.

To evaluate net retention, the doctors at CCNM will compare the levels of metals in urine before and after the administration of a pharmaceutical metal detoxification agent such as EDTA, DMSA or DMPS.

Different compounds have different affinities for specific metals, but all function by sequestering “hidden” metals from deep tissue stores and mobilizing the metals to the kidneys for excretion in the urine.

Step 3: You are detoxified over a series of special oral and/or IV treatments.

The doctors at CCNM may also request the analysis of essential elements in urine specimens to evaluate nutritional status and the efficacy of mineral supplementation during metal detoxification therapy.

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