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 Rate Your Toxic Potential

Utilize the "source of contaminants" list below to determine if you are being exposed to chemicals or experiencing related symptoms of toxicity.

If you answer true to more than several of the following questions and tests you can consider yourself toxic and in need of chemical detoxification.
Marine Debris on Hawaiian Coast
Marine Debris off Hawaiian Coast

Persistent cool body temperature under 980 degrees?

Difficulty breaking a sweat?

History of multiple allergic reactions to medications or inability to handle caffeine?

Mercury dental fillings?

Synthetic body implants?

  • Grew up in family that smoked?
  • Past or present chemical use profession or hobby: painting, auto, industrial, farming?
  • Sensitivity to diesel fumes, soap/detergent aisle, perfumes, or cigarette smoke?
  • Worsening forgetfulness/coordination, numbness/weakness, tremor, mood alterations?
  • Living in a brand new home or office?
  • Progressive immune weakening: more allergies, infections/colds, autoimmune disease?
  • History of asthma, eczema, chronic infections, or liver disease?
  • History of cancer: esp. lymphoma, leukemia, thyroid, brain, lung, glandular cancer?
  • History heart disease, neurological disease, untreatable migraine headaches?
  • History of Sick Building or Gulf War Syndrome, chronic fatigue/CFIDS, fibromyalgia?

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