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A Wake Up Call for Everyone

Few people realize the truly toxic world in which we live and the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis.

In fact, according to the Environmental Working Group ( an estimated 80,000 chemicals are used in the United States, and the federal government registers an average of 2,000 newly synthesized chemicals each year, many known to cause cancer, birth defects, and neurological disease to name a few.
Let’s start with a straightforward fact:

Mercury is unimaginably toxic and dangerous.
 A single drop on a human hand can be irreversibly fatal.
A single drop in a large lake can make all the fish in it unsafe to eat. 

DISCOVER Vol. 26 No. 03 | March 2005
Mercury Droplet

It is hard to imagine that our living environment, which appears clean and harmless, is actually contaminated with numerous poisons that could be accumulating to life threatening levels over time. Unfortunately, many can’t be seen, smelled, felt, identified or detected by the human senses. It is not until after years and years of subtle chronic exposure when symptoms can emerge and become identified as diseases by many names like cardiovascular disease, dementia, or cancer.

Early warning signs of hidden chemical toxicity may be linked to common symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, headaches, allergies, chemical sensitivities, immune deficiency, weight imbalances, sadness or nervousness, worsening forgetfulness, decreased body temperature, and overall feelings of "yuck" or malaise.  

The prestigious British Medical Journal estimates 75% of cancers are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors including exposure to chemicals.

These poisons or "environmental toxins" most commonly are from "modern living" and linger as contaminants in air, drinking water, food, and soil. They come from industrial wastes, petroleum, coal and garbage combustion, pesticides, herbicides, mining leading to erosion and the release of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury into the soil and water.

They can also come from apparent harmless environments such as our homes and the gas fumes let off by wood, paint, and glues, hygiene products like hair and body cleansers, toothpaste, deodorants, and cosmetics. Don’t forget the toxic chemicals in prescription drugs, detergents, household cleaners, upholstery, artificial fabrics, computers and TVs.

Canadians a Toxic Lot, Study Finds

'We all carry inside of us hundreds of different pollutants and these things are accumulating inside our bodies every day'

Researchers found that, on average, participants had a cocktail of 44 chemicals in their bodies known to disrupt reproduction and hormonal function and interfere with fetal development. These include heavy metals; PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls used in electrical transformers and now banned); PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers used as fire retardants); PFOs (perfluorinated chemicals used in stain repellents, non-stick cookware and food packaging), pesticides and insecticides.

"The bottom line being that we are all polluted," said Dr. Rick Smith. "The message to Canadians is, ‘It doesn't matter where you live, how old you are, it doesn't matter how clean living you are or if you eat organic food, or if you get a lot of exercise. We all carry inside of us hundreds of different pollutants and these things are accumulating inside our bodies every day."

Toronto Globe and Mail, November 9, 2005, ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENCE CANADA

Americans fare WORSE!

Some estimate that the typical American has between 400-800 different chemicals, many carcinogenic, accumulated within the blood, organs, and fat tissue. Read the disturbing reality of the environment exposed to our developing children.

Pollution in Newborns, Environmental Working Group,    July 14, 2005

Laboratory tests revealed a total of 287 industrial chemicals and pollutants in umbilical cord blood from 10 babies born in U.S. hospitals. The blood harbored pesticides, consumer product ingredients, wastes from burning coal, gasoline, and garbage. Among them were eight perfluorochemicals used as stain and oil, repellants in fast food packaging, clothes and textiles including the Teflon chemical PFOA, dozens of widely used brominated flame retardants, and numerous pesticides. Of the 287 chemicals we detected in umbilical cord blood, we know that 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests. 

The majority of these chemical poisons become deposited in the fatty tissue because of their "lipo-philic" or "fat-loving" nature. Tissues that are dense with fat will also accumulate high amounts of chemicals such as the nerves, glands (especially thyroid and sex glands), heart and arteries lined with cholesterol, and of course the brain. They can be also detected in the blood and organs or passed through the body in breast milk, urine, feces, sweat, semen, hair and nails.

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