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Testing & Diagnostics Overview


In this age of computers and the Internet, anyone can find indepth health information with just a couple of keystrokes; yet their own health remains a mystery.

Patients may have a clear view of the test/s they would like conducted, yet for the most part, people just know they would like to feel and perform better.

CCNM takes the mystery out of wellness with a comprehensive array of leading-edge testing and diagnostic services and a broad spectrum of highly specialized analysis tools.

Each of our doctors are well versed in all the CCNM analysis modalities and test correlation methodologies.

CCNM Offers Comprehensive Testing & Diagnostic Services

Our Testing & Diagnostic Services include but are not limited to:

Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA)

Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) provides a number of different measurements which are indicative of your overall health; including your body composition, hydration level, your level of toxicity and your capacity to detoxify.    READ MORE

Blood Spot Food Allergy Testing

This test checks the blood for IgG and IgE antibodies to specific foods. If there are enough IgG or IgE antibodies to a particular food in the blood, it means it's very likely that person has an allergy.   READ MORE

Computerized Regulation Thermography

In this test, the temperature of the skin is taken in 112 locations and by studying these skin temperature patterns from the patient's body, the doctor gains a direct index of the metabolic activity in the various parts of the body. Disturbances in the energy-conversion processes and reduced responses to the stress stimulus show up in the CRT thermographic scan as inflamed, degenerative or blocked.    READ MORE

Environmental Pollutants Biomonitor Analysis

Environmental Pollutants Biomonitor Analysis quantifies exposure to select environmental toxins, aromatic solvents, paraben and phthalates.    READ MORE

Estrogen Metabolism Testing

The Estrogen Metabolism Ratio can be used to help women and men assess their risk of breast cancer, prostrate cancer, non-cancerous throat growths and Cervical dysplasia associated with imbalances in the breakdown of estrogens.    READ MORE  

Food Sensitivity/Allergen Testing (Electrodermal/VEGA)

Electrodermal Sensitivity Testing is used to determine the presence of sensitivities to food, pollens, mold, environmental pollutants, chemicals, etc., without directly exposing the patient to the potential allergen.   READ MORE

Heart Rate Variability Analysis (HRV)

The Heart Rate Variability analysis (HRV) test depicts a visual representation of heart rhythm called rhythmography. Rhythmography can graph the relationship between the two components of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). This is your own unique response, giving the doctors at CCNM vital information about your heart’s electrical activity and how your ANS is functioning to control that activity at rest and under stress.   READ MORE

Heavy Metal Analysis

Urine and/or fecal toxic and essential elements analysis is an invaluable tool for the assessment of retention of toxic metals in the body and the status of essential nutrient elements. Toxic metals do not have any useful physiological function, adversely affect virtually every organ system and disrupt the homeostasis of nutrient elements.   READ MORE

Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live Cell Blood Analysis is simple, quick and accurate. For example, with a simple drop of blood drawn painlessly from your finger, the test is able to provide a composite of over 25 aspects. Darkfield microscopy now allows us to observe multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, and tendencies toward allergic reaction, excess fat circulation, liver weakness and conditions that favour arteriosclerosis.   READ MORE 

Metabolic Food Typing

With so many diet and nutrition fads it is quite difficult for the average person to know what foods are best suited to them. This test determines whether you are a Protein, Carbohydrate or Mixed Type and whether within that type you are a Parasympathetic, Sympathetic, Fast Oxidizer, Slow Oxidizer or Combination type.    READ MORE 

Salivary Hormone Testing

Saliva hormone testing is most useful for uncovering hormone imbalance that can result in menopausal symptoms, decreased ability to adapt to stress, metabolism imbalances resulting in weight gain or loss, cancer and cardiovascular degeneration.   READ MORE

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