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Injury Rehabilitation

The New Way to Spell Relief!

Are you suffering with some kind of sports, workplace or otherwise chronic injury that causes you chronic pain or impairment in activities?

If you have tried other forms of therapeutic intervention for your injury and have reached a plateau only to gain temporary relief, the addition of Prolotherapy may be the missing piece to your recovery puzzle.

Prolotherapy is also known as RIT or  Regenerative Injection Therapy and it  allows people to finally become pain free and fully heal 85% of the time!

RIT is a collection of therapies that utilize natural substances injected into areas of pain to stimulate the normal repair / healing response of the body.

Prolotherapy - Sweet Relief

RIT “reminds” the body of the injury with each treatment so that the natural repair mechanisms are switched back on at the site of the injury.
Wayne Primeau - Toronto Maple Leafs

Wayne Primeau
Toronto Maple Leafs

"I can honestly say that as a professional hockey player, I truly believed that I would never get back to playing another game in the National Hockey League after I sustained my ankle injury.

From the first day that I met with Dr. Jeoff Drobot, Dr. Shaun Riddle and the CCNM staff I knew that I was in good hands.

They were an integral part in getting me healthy and back on the ice to where I needed to be to continue my playing career. Thank you!"

After an initial injury, the body begins a healing cascade of events that last about 4 weeks. The goal of this cascade of events is to re-model injured tissue and bring it back to its pre-injury state.

For many people, the initial injury caused too much damage for the body to fully repair within one 4-week healing cycle and they begin to have chronic pain. RIT “reminds” the body of the injury with each treatment so that the natural repair mechanisms are switched back on at the site of the injury.

It will often take a series of RIT treatments spaced at appropriate intervals to maximize the healing power of the body. Sometimes a patient’s body is incapable of generating an appropriate healing response because of other factors such as deficient nutritional support. These factors are addressed in conjunction with RIT treatment so that the maximum benefit can be made with each session.

Prolotherapy is just one of the techniques of RIT that a growing number of people have heard about. Prolotherapy is the injection of dextrose into a loose joint, ligament or tendon attachment to strengthen and tighten the structures that are causing pain. There are a significant number of studies that validate its successful use in treating back pain, osteoarthritis, elbow pain and loose ankles.

Some of the commonly treated ailments with RIT are:

  • Osteo-arthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)

  • Low back pain

  • Sacro-iliac pain

  • Neck pain

  • Golfer’s and tennis elbow

  • Unstable shoulder joints (repeated dislocations)

  • Surgical scar reduction (ie. tummy tucks & cesarian section scars)

  • Any muscle injury & pain

NOTE: CCNM's Dr. Shaun Riddle is a member of the Naturopathic Academy of Therapeutic Injection and has done extensive coursework in the successful application of RIT and conducts.

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